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Welcome to Happening Days, a world full of fun, awesomeness and exaggeration. My blog is nothing serious. It is for people who just like to have fun.

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About me

Dev H

I am Devadathan Hashir AKA Dev H and i love everything around me 🙂

Hope u Like my blog 🙂 ………

Two reasons for-

Why read this blog?


You were born an original,

Don’t die a copy.

Everything I write is original. I never copy or “Plagiarise” anyone or any site.

Funny Humorous?

Humour is the best way to make the
unbearable bearable.

Mary Ann Shaffer

Subtle yet funny yet elegant comedy…. In other words…

Very Funny!!


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    Day before yesterday, my Mom bought a few plants and flowers… And thus began our gardening time. Mom had bought some kind of fat jasmine which looked like a cauliflower at first sight and many marigold flowers… So we decided on day 1, we […]
  • Science expo
    One normal day… When I woke up, I didn’t expect something big would happen. And guess what? Something big happened. It was something mindblowingly crazy. I got a message saying, “it’s science expo”!!! Last year’s expo was LEGENDARY 😊! But my excitement was short […]
  • The mega order
    Usually, when I go out to eat, we go to the nearest restaurant and eat something and come back home. But why that when you have order apps!!! Uber, kfc and what not. But ordering can turn into a nightmare, especially when you have […]


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